What is a Visual Field?

The visual field is defined as everything you see looking straight ahead, including your side and central (straight ahead vision). This visual view can change ever so slightly over time and since we have two eyes, many times it is difficult to determine when the visual field begins to grow narrower and narrower. If problems develop with only one of your eyes, the second eye will be healthy and masks the loss of vision in the unhealthy eye.

What is involved in a Visual Field Exam?

At Tri-County Eye Clinic we have the latest technology in Visual Field Testing

The test is non-invasive (no needles or pain) and is performed on site at each clinic. The patient information is entered into the Humphrey's Analyzer and the patient interacts with the unit. The Visual Field Exam takes between five and ten minutes and an analysis is prepared and printed out for your eye doctor to review with you. The results of your exam are compared to "normal" and if anything is detected, the doctor will let you know what to do in the future.

Some eye diseases such as optic nerve damage or glaucoma can affect only one eye. you may not know that there is a problem unless each eye is tested separately. The visual field test is done one eye at a time and the results are printed out for your eye doctor to review with you.


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