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What LASIK Can Do

LASIK (pronounced "Lay-sik") can improve your vision. This procedure reshapes the cornea (surface of the eye), helping you to more clearly focus what you see. Advanced laser technology makes LASIK fast and often painless. Vision begins to improve soon after surgery, and may become stable within weeks.

Today's LASIK Technology

Tools that your eye doctor may use during LASIK include:

An excimer laser, which produces a concentrated beam of cool ultraviolet (UV) light. Each pulse of this laser can remove a tiny portion of corneal tissue. An excimer laser is so accurate that it can cut a notch in a human hair. It generates no heat and is gentle to tissue.

A microkeratome, a microsurgical instrument that can make extremely thin, precise cuts.

A femtosecond laser, which produces rapid pulses of light. Like a microkeratome, it can make thin, precise cuts.

What You Should Consider

LASIK is not for everyone. Be sure to discuss your medical history with your eye doctor. You may not be a good candidate if you:


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